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The strength of Mainport Schiphol lies in its extensive network of destinations, the majority of which are served by our home carrier KLM and its partners. Through Schiphol, the Netherlands has direct links with approximately half of global GDP and 80% of European GDP. However, a strong position today is no guarantee for the future. In 2018, the airport witnessed a decrease in full freighter movements, together with a fall in cargo volumes. Our strategy is to facilitate moderate and controlled growth at Schiphol, with a focus on Mainport-related traffic. Although demand for air traffic keeps increasing, a moderate growth path is required to balance the benefits and negative consequences of air travel. Our regional airports will keep their respective roles in serving their regions and handling holiday flights.

Further development of both the airside and landside infrastructure at Schiphol-hub is also essential in order to accommodate a growing passenger volume and to continue delivering a quality service to travellers and airlines. In addition to creating new capacity - through the construction of the new pier and terminal, as well as other projects - our strategy involves making full use of the existing space in and around the terminal. Additional parking capacity and 'Kiss & Ride' areas are needed. Schiphol is also investing in flexible parking capacity, which can be easily converted into multi-purpose mobility space as required.

Landside accessibility is top of mind. In particular, we view the extension of the North-South metro line from Amsterdam South to the airport as a key priority going forward. In the meantime, we are working on further developing the railway station area at Schiphol, with expansion and refurbishment needed to manage crowds and improve comfort for public transport users. We are working closely with the Transport Authority Amsterdam (Vervoerregio Amsterdam), Dutch Railways (NS), ProRail and the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management (I&W) to deliver these upgrades.



Achieved in 2018


Maintaining a network with more than 300 destinations


  • Number of destinations at Schiphol: 327
  • Number of passengers at Schiphol: 71.1 million


Projects for improving landside accessibility have been prepared


  • MIRT exploratory study for the development of the Schiphol Multimodal Hub
  • Improved accessibility by rail

Airport capacity

Capital Programme
Development of Lelystad Airport


  • Construction of the new pier and preparatory work for the new terminal under way, with progress made on landside infrastructure adjustments
  • Construction of Lelystad infrastructure on schedule for a 2020 opening


Agreements with our stakeholders will enable moderate growth after 2020


  • Discussions within the Schiphol Local Community Council (ORS) have been concluded. No agreements were reached, but progress has been made.
  • Government is preparing for the opening of Lelystad Airport
  • Environmental impact assessment presented in draft form

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