EExcellent Visit Value

An attractive airport

Amid intensifying competition from Europe's other hub airports and, increasingly, smaller airports too, providing the highest levels of quality across all of our processes, facilities and commercial offerings has never been more important. In short, we must work hard to ensure excellent visit value if we are to realise our ambition of being Europe's preferred airport.

Visit value is the combination of various different elements. While ticket prices, flight frequencies and the range of available destinations remain the principal determinants for travellers when choosing an airport, an attractive, varied retail and dining offering is also important. Ultimately, if a passenger has an enjoyable, smooth and seamless flying experience, they will be happy to travel via Schiphol again. By expanding and optimising the spaces within our terminals and providing new products and concepts, we are exploring new ways to enrich the experiences of our visitors, offering new concepts and exclusive products that have a clear Dutch signature and provide a lasting reminder of the Netherlands.

Above all, we strive to offer our visitors a high level of quality on each visit. We are aware that major renovation and construction activities may have an impact on Schiphol’s visit quality in the coming years. Additional efforts and solutions are in place to minimise disruption to passengers and maintain a good customer experience. Digitisation is an effective tool in this regard, helping us to relieve congestion and make better use of our available capacity. In particular, automation of passport control helps streamline our passenger-management and crowd-control processes, while new technologies and innovations improve the flow of information to customers and stakeholders.

Fast-tracking Schiphol’s digitisation programme serves to enhance our consumer and retail offering and stimulate shopping intention. Through initiatives such as FLIO, an international app for airport facilities, and personalised wifi-based advertising in our terminals, we are finding new ways to meet the wishes and demands of our customers. Besides technology, initiatives such as temporary retail units, pop-up stores and airside delivery services are just some of the many ways we are catering to the interests and needs of visitors and passengers.



Achieved in 2018


Digital solutions in all our activities


  • Ongoing digital innovations and solutions including SMART buildings and SmartGate planning
  • Seamless Flow
  • Omnichannel 24/7 traveller assistance and information


We have implemented measures to improve waiting comfort


  • Upgrade of pier waiting areas in progress
  • Redevelopment of Terminal 1 in progress, resulting in a more efficient security process

Competitive charges

Competitive airport charges in Europe. We continue to optimise our operational processes, together with our business partners


  • Despite increased airport charges due to large investments, charges remain competitive

Quality in working environment and accommodation