DDevelopment of the Group

A strong Group

The synergies between Schiphol's various divisions and areas of activity are among our core strengths. Schiphol Group aims to get the most out of the interactions between Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the regional airports and the Group's international activities. We are also implementing further organisational improvements by strengthening the business culture at Schiphol and by taking full advantage of new commercial opportunities. This process is aligned with our ongoing evolution as we strive to become a flexible and sustainable High Performance Organisation (HPO).

Our focus is increasingly on developing quality physical infrastructure and capacity, while maintaining adequate yields in order to continue financing these investments independently. We strive for moderate aviation growth at our airports, in balance with the environment. Schiphol is the first European airport to issue a green bond of 500 million to support investment in sustainability projects. We coordinate our large investment projects in an integrated manner, creating synergies principally through increased efficiency within our own airport network. This network is further strengthened through our international collaborations and activities.



Achieved in 2018

High Performance

Higher scores on the High Performance Organisation (HPO) benchmark


  • Implementation of recommendations from the 2017 HPO measurement on track


New international strategy


  • International activities account for a significant portion of the Group's financial results
  • New strategy developed

Key risks identified