Mission, ambition and strategy: Ensuring optimal
connectivity in
future years

In 2018, we continued to see significant growth in passengers and, at our regional airports, also in air traffic. Amsterdam Airport Schiphol has now reached its ceiling for air transport movements of 500,000 per year. New agreements are necessary for moderate sustainable growth in order to continue optimally connecting the Netherlands with the rest of the world in future years.

Our mission:
Connecting the Netherlands

‘Connecting the Netherlands’ embodies the core mission of Royal Schiphol Group: to connect the Netherlands and its people with the wider world, while providing access to our country to those outside our borders. Our airports allow international trade, tourism and knowledge exchange to flourish by providing top-quality aviation infrastructure and air transport facilities for passengers and cargo.

By ensuring optimal air connectivity for the Netherlands, we are not only supporting the economy, but also helping to promote the traditional Dutch values of openness, tolerance and international-mindedness for which we are known around the world. We do this with the support of our partners in the aviation sector and beyond. These include airlines, Customs, national and local governments, business partners, landside infrastructure providers, air traffic control and other key stakeholders. Schiphol is well aware that our activities impact different groups in different ways. We therefore strive to balance the important contribution we make in providing optimal links to connect the Netherlands to the rest of the world with the negative effects of aviation on the quality of life of our local residents. We do this through careful monitoring of issues such as noise pollution, local air quality and carbon emissions.

Reporting summary

Our ambition:
Europe's Preferred Airport

Our ambition is to be Europe’s airport of choice for passengers, airlines, logistics service providers and businesses. This does not necessarily involve Amsterdam Airport Schiphol being larger or cheaper than our competitors, but rather that we consistently deliver high-quality visitor experiences. Above all, quality is reflected in smooth operational processes, short curb-to-gate times, attractive retail offerings, and hospitality in everything we do. We strive to maintain this ambition while addressing the challenges presented by the limits on air transport movements and managing the pressure of growing passenger numbers.


Our strategy to connect the Netherlands