hCustomer appreciation

Schiphol wants to remain one of Europe's top airports; however, we can only ensure this by continuing to offer quality, comfort and service. Using the Schiphol Perception Monitor as well as individual customer appreciation studies at Eindhoven and Rotterdam The Hague Airports, we monitor our travellers' appreciation levels over time. Schiphol also participates in the Airport Service Quality (ASQ) benchmark survey, through which Schiphol's appreciation levels are compared with those of 14 medium-to-large hub airports in Europe.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

For 2018, we set ourselves the goal to achieve a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of at least 35 (target 2017: 34). Our travellers' appreciation of Amsterdam Airport Schiphol decreased in 2018, with the airport's NPS falling from 34 to 32. This was mainly due to lower appreciation scores for Schiphol's arrival and transfer processes. In 2019, we are aiming for an NPS of 34.

Specifically, the NPS awarded to the airport's arrival processes fell from 31 to 27. Waiting times, including for baggage reclaim and Customs, as well as wayfinding and walking distances were among the main reasons given for this decline. Appreciation for Schiphol's arrival processes was also influenced by the adjustments to our parking product that followed the demolition of the P2 parking garage. While our customers are steadily familiarising themselves with the airport's new parking offering, these appreciation levels have yet to return to where they were before the P2 closure. The increased use of remote aircraft-handling services, where passengers are transported to the terminal by bus, also had a detrimental impact on the experience of arriving passengers.

We also witnessed a decrease in our NPS from 38 to 36 in relation to transfer passengers. The leading factors cited by travellers included wayfinding, the atmosphere within the terminal, food and beverage and other facilities, general hygiene, waiting comfort, and the number of available seats at departure gates. Increased crowding within the terminal was also mentioned.

The overall appreciation levels shown by Schiphol's departing (OD) passengers remained consistent with 2017. The NPS relating to waiting times at security improved considerably, from 61 to 65. On the other hand, our departing passengers' appreciation for our adjusted parking service is not yet back to its previous level.

The overall decrease in customer appreciation is also reflected in the ASQ benchmark: Schiphol dropped one place in the ranking in 2018, to eighth.

Measuring airline customer satisfaction

We are in regular contact with airlines and other aviation stakeholders regarding day-to-day operations at Schiphol. We also consult closely with our partners on a tactical and strategic level: through a combination of monthly partner meetings and one-to-one sessions, we keep our airline customers updated on key developments, including issues relating to capacity restrictions. These interactions also help us understand the needs and expectations of airlines operating at Schiphol, as well as those of the wider aviation community.


Royal Schiphol Group and its airports received various distinctions in 2018.

Royal Schiphol Group

  • Air Transport Research Society (ATRS): Europe's most efficient airport group
  • International Airport Review Award: Technological solution of the year for digital infrastructure
  • Randstad employment agency: Most attractive employer
  • AWVN Trophy: Most inclusive organisation
  • Henri Sijthoff Award: Best annual report 2017 (non-listed category)

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol

  • SKYTRAX: Best Airport Staff Europe
  • ACI Europe: Eco-Innovation Award
  • Business Traveller UK: Best European Airport (29th consecutive year)
  • Business Traveller the Netherlands: Best Airport
  • Cargo News Asia: Best Airport Europe
  • BTMF Business: Best Airport
  • Global Traveler USA: Best Airport in Europe, Best Shopping Airport and Best Duty-Free Shopping in Europe
  • TR Business: Travel Retail Award
  • Frontier: Best F&B Partnership of the Year (with HMSHost and Portland Design for food court in Departure Lounge 1)
  • Trazee Travel: Favorite Airport in Europe and Favorite Airport Shopping
  • MSCI European Property Investments Awards: Best performing balanced fund in the Netherlands (for Schiphol Real Estate)
  • Hotel Investment Conference London: Single Asset Transaction of the Year (awarded to Schiphol Real Estate for its Hilton transaction)
  • Canadian Travel Agents' Choice Awards: Favourite International Airport (14th consecutive year)
  • ATRS: Most efficient European airport (more than 40 million passengers category)
  • World Routes Airport Marketing Award: Highly Commended (3rd consecutive year)
  • Children’s Council TOP Award: Most equal collaboration
  • Computable Award for Digital Airport Programme

Eindhoven Airport

  • Iconic Award: Innovative Architecture (for new departure gates)

Schiphol has introduced a new system for gauging airline customer satisfaction. As of 2018, each airline has a dedicated point of contact within Schiphol Group for day-to-day operational matters. Meanwhile, any questions regarding network development are addressed to a second contact person within the Aviation Marketing department. To date, we have largely received positive ratings from the airlines regarding our organisation and how we operate our airport.

These positive ratings are backed up by a new quantitative survey, completed in October 2018, which functions as a baseline measurement. Schiphol received a general satisfaction score between 'good' and 'very good' from the airlines. Schiphol received a similar score for its role as an airport operator.
This new measurement system has enabled us to identify several key areas of potential improvement. In particular, many of our customers have expressed concerns surrounding the air traffic movement ceiling at Schiphol, including its potential impact on future flight growth and the quality of the airport's remote-handling operations. Our airline customers also noted the complexity of Royal Schiphol Group as an organisation, with some respondents citing a lack of clear and adequate responses to incidents and complaints. We will be taking concrete steps during 2019 to address these improvement opportunities and further strengthen our relationships with the airlines.

Real estate tenant satisfaction

Ensuring tenant satisfaction is crucial in achieving a high level of retention among occupants. The results of the 2018 Schiphol Real Estate Resident survey reveal that 86% of office occupiers rate their building as either 'good', 'very good' or 'excellent', maintaining the levels seen in 2017. Schiphol's consistently high tenant satisfaction levels are owed, in large part, to efforts by Schiphol's Real Estate (SRE) division to meet the evolving needs of residents with innovative products and solutions. These approaches are discussed in detail in Portfolio of services.


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