Network, capacity and security: The core of
our activities

Our network is the core of who we are as an airport company and underpins our mission of Connecting the Netherlands. Together with our regional airports and other assets, the Schiphol hub is a vital engine for economic prosperity, employment and tourism in the Netherlands and the wider European region. This section of our results draws together our key strategic themes of Top Connectivity and Excellent Visit Value, which underpin the many different activities of Royal Schiphol Group, and specifically those of Schiphol's Aviation business area and our capital investment programme.

Following the rapid growth of our operations in recent years, capacity constraints are having an increasing impact on our Group's performance. In particular, the restrictions on air traffic movements at Schiphol have seen congestion emerge as a key challenge across different areas of our operations. While our passenger volume continued to rise in 2018, we saw signs of how our market position may be affected by Schiphol's air traffic ceiling in the years to come.

Expanding our physical capacity must remain a long-term objective in order to safeguard our mission, the quality of our processes and services, and Schiphol's hub position. However, it is imperative that we carry out these developments safely and responsibly: ensuring the safety and security of our passengers, visitors and employees is always our top priority.


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