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We create Sustainable and Safe Performance We facilitate Top Connectivity We offer Excellent Visit Value We create a Competitive Marketplace We strengthen the Development of the Group


...that create value for our stakeholders and the local community.

Sustainability and safety as basic conditions The best connections An attractive airport A prime location A strong Group


This means we have an impact on society:

We contribute to the GDP of the Netherlands by creating inclusive employment at and around our airports, as well as indirect employment thanks to the economic activity generated by those airports.
Aviation accounts for 7-8% of Dutch carbon emissions. We pursue a proactive approach in our relationship with sector partners with a view to making the aviation industry more sustainable. Moreover, we invest in resilient infrastructure.
Fossil-fuel-driven operations negatively affect the local air quality. We contribute to a healthy and pleasant environment for residents and workers by promoting clean mobility and reducing emissions of fine and ultra-fine particles, in collaboration with our partners.
The construction sector has a significant impact on resource depletion. We contribute to circular solutions through the efficient use of raw materials and resources and actively collaborate to promote circular processes at the airport.
We contribute to reducing the impact on climate change by using renewable energy and fuels. In addition, we are able to adapt our infrastructure in response to changing weather conditions.
We collaborate with business partners and stakeholders to strengthen and accelerate our contribution to the SDGs.
Read more about the KPIs and our activities supporting these goals in the People, environment and community section of Our results.

How our strategy
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